omg???????????????? #like you cannot tell me this is a mere and simple coincidence #because we see emma’s reaction to all of these #first graham #she thinks he gave her the cup and she thinks he is flirting with her #but she is new in town and ofc she has trust issues #so she shuts him down #then august #he is new and emma is wearing the sheriff coat #because she is there like emma the sheriff #because august is suspicious #then neal #i mean she doesn’t even turn up #and then with killian she is just herself #emma swan #with her humanity and personality and her magic #ahah i am so fucking done




Once Upon A Time is a story of…

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featuring this asshole as usual




get to know me meme[2/5] current celebrity crushes: Colin O’Donoghue

"was kind of very quiet, shy teenager, I guess. And I realized that [acting] was the way for me to, kind of, try to be somebody else. So I sort of fell into it. I just fell in love with it."

Once Upon A Time » Graham Humbert // The Hunstman (5/)


So I was watching the finale for like the millionth time today and I saw this look that Hook gave and I was like Hot DAYUM! Then I was like wait a moment I’ve seen that look somewhere before and then I remembered…

seeing all these spoilers makes me want to go back to the beginning. time to rewatch all of ouat. good times ahead.